Kendall Scudder for Texas State Senate

Using our 2017 Texas legislative scorecard as a guide, we identified six sitting Republican senators who distinguished themselves as being especially regressive when it came to acting on and voting for our slate of graded firearms-related legislation during the previous session. Three - Craig Estes, Bob Hall, and Charles Perry, were the absolute lowest graded members of the body, and Hall and Estes face the voters next year.

Despite the relatively safe districts they reside in, both of these senators have drawn Democratic opposition in 2018, and Kendall Scudder - running against Hall in Senate District 2 - is our latest endorsement.

Scudder is currently the Manager of Community Services for a non-profit housing company in Dallas. A graduate of Sam Houston State with a degree in political science, Scudder has been active in advocacy since his time as a student, working in the areas of homelessness and youth mentoring, and he has made education a centerpiece of his campaign. This is his first run for public office, but his campaign website is packed with specifics about his ideas on education, government accountability, jobs, infrastructure, and veterans's affairs. 

While Scudder does not have a specific policy section devoted for gun regulation, he issued a statement in the wake of the Sutherland Springs church massacre, saying

"My heart hurts for the families and community of Sutherland Springs after Sunday’s church massacre. For many Texans, church is a sanctuary from daily routine to life’s deeper troubles. Americans should be free to enjoy church, baseball games, and concerts without threats of violence.”

Sen. Hall's record when it comes to firearms is well known. He was the lead sponsor of SB 100, which would exempt intrastate manufacture of a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition from federal regulation and joined his colleagues in sponsoring and passing SB 1942, allowing firearms to be stored in cars on the grounds of elementary schools. He also sponsored SB 93, which would have prohibited public funds from being used to enforce federal firearms laws in Texas. 

Hall is an entrenched incumbent, consistently rated as one of the most conservative members of the Texas Senate, and regularly endorsed by Tea Party organizations and activists. He won his seat in 2014 without facing Democratic opposition. Scudder is a new face on the political scene, and one who can genuinely enunciate Democratic principles to a community he has lived and worked in. He is deserving of our support, and would be a tremendous upgrade over Sen. Hall on the issues we care about.

Scudder's campaign website can be found HERE.