2018 United States Senate Endorsements

LEAP Forward graded 18 pieces of gun control legislation during the 2017 legislative session of the United States Senate. Using these grades, we identified nine Senators who distinguished themselves not only by achieving perfect 100% scores, but also by taking a minimum number of positive actions to advance the bills we tracked. 

All nine have been added to our page of LEAPers - our designation for lawmakers who stood out for their work - and three that face reelection in 2018 have earned our wholehearted endorsement for another term in the Senate. In addition to solid progressive credentials on all the pressing issues we face, they are of particular interest to us because of their tireless efforts to advance gun regulation in the face of a hostile majority. 

They are:

Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) - Gillibrand has moved significantly to the left on gun control during her time in the United States Senate. Moving from a rural congressional district to a Senator for all of New York, she has consistently said that she is a representative of her constituents, and her work in the Senate reflects that - as does her "F" grade from the National Rifle Association. In the last year, Gillibrand has worked on legislation that would close the loophole that allowed the Las Vegas shooter to obtain his weapons, crack down on the illegal flow of guns, and has fought against the NRA's silencer legislation in the Senate. This earned her - along with Sens. Blumenthal and Markey - our single highest score in the Senate.

Elizabeth Warren (MA) - Aside from her obvious work on progressive economic issues, Warren was involved as a sponsor on several important pieces of legislation in the Senate that we tracked last year. These included the Handgun Trigger Safety Act of 2017, and the Background Check Expansion Act. She's also led on efforts to get the NIH to fund firearm violence research. 


Christopher Murphy (CT) - Perhaps no legislator outside of Gabby Giffords has become the face of the gun control movement more than Chris Murphy, who has been an integral part of the effort during his time in Congress. He is a reliable supporter of progressive legislation, a reliable vote against the loosening of gun regulation, and a forceful advocate both on and off the floor of the Senate. He is a constant target of the NRA and a consistent ally to the cause of reducing gun violence.