Laura Fine for Illinois State Senate

As we mentioned in our endorsement of Julie Morrison for Illinois Senate, there were two members of that body in 2017 whose actions earned them both a 100% score in our legislative ratings and who took enough action on graded legislation to earn a spot among our "LEAPers." We are even happier to report that in the Illinois House, that number was fourteen.

We will be issuing endorsements for those LEAPers in the House that have drawn opposition in next year's elections at a later date, but want to at this point draw attention to one in particular. Rep. Laura Fine of HD 17 has announced she is seeking the seat in the Illinois Senate currently occupied by fellow LEAPer and our endorsed candidate for Illinois Governor, Daniel Biss. We are proud to make her our next endorsed candidate and wholeheartedly support her efforts to bring her work on behalf of gun regulation to the state Senate.

During her most recent term in the House, Fine was a sponsor of five pieces of legislation that we tracked and graded: HB 2354 (the Lethal Violence Order of Protection Act that Sen. Morrison sponsored in her body); HB 2833 (curtailing the number of firearms transfers); HB 3734 (an assault weapons ban); HB 4017 (an omnibus gun control bill); and the Senate's Gun Dealer Licensing Act. She also voted for passage of HB 4117, prohibiting the posession of bump stocks in Illinois.

While she garnered the same strange "7%" score from the NRA that most Democrats seemed to get, Fine is a constant source of ire for the pro-gun right. She will face Joan Lasonde - a former US Congressional candidate -  next November in a district that Biss ran unopposed in four years ago. While the district is heavily Democratic, Lasonde has run a campaign before, and should not be taken for granted. We urge everyone who wants Illinois to continue to move in the right direction when it comes to gun regulation to support Rep. Fine in this race, and we will continue to keep tabs on her campaign.