New Legislation: Missouri SB 875

Until now, most of the legislation we've declared support for have fit a common theme - Democrats submitting bills that would ban bump stocks or other trigger modification devices in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre which, amazingly, was just a few months ago. Today, though, we're happy to support a bill that identifies a local problem and seeks to solve it.

State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, introduced legislation encouraging responsible gun ownership. Senate Bill 875 would require missing or stolen firearms be reported to local law enforcement. Currently, the City of St. Louis does not have process for handling missing or stolen guns.
“This is common sense reform,” said Sen. Nasheed. “Just as you would report any piece of stolen property, you should also report your stolen or missing guns.”

Under this legislation, it would also be illegal to fail to report a missing firearm within 72 hours. St. Louis suffered through 205 murders last year, and Missouri has notoriously bad gun laws, receiving an F from Giffords and ranking 48th out of 50 states.