Marching Orders Blog: 1/12/18

The Marching Orders blog is an occasional roundup of gun policy news about lawmakers, candidates, and legislation that we are tracking at LEAP Forward.


Washington SB 5992, a bipartisan effort to ban bump stocks and other firearm accessories, is getting a hearing on Monday, January 15 in the Senate Law and Justice Committee. Gov. Inslee is standing firmly behind the bill and saying it can be done in a few days if the Senate will act. 

This legislation also serves as an object lesson in the online state of play when it comes to organizations and their efforts when it comes to influencing legislators. The NRA-ILA, the political arm of the National Rifle Association, put out a call to their members:

On Monday, January 15th at 10:00AM, the Senate Law & Justice Committee is scheduled to hear multiple anti-gun bills.  Testimony will be limited during the hearing, so all NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are strongly encouraged to arrive early to sign in to testify in addition to meeting directly with their legislators afterwards.

This is why they're powerful - it's not their money, it's their tenacity. Until we match it (and we have no illusions here that we can be the ones to do it), it will be very difficult for our side to win, regardless of how much we outnumber them. 

Maryland SB 74 and SB 99 are also getting heard in committee, January 17 in the Judicial Proceedings Committee. Once again, in our inbox (we read it so you don't have to) was a notice from the NRA-ILA, telling their members to show up. We have yet to see an action item from any of the major pro-regulation organizations. 

In West Virginia, pro-gun groups are renewing a push to allow firearms on college campuses and in parking lots. No legislation has been drafted yet, but when it is we will be tracking it here. 

New laws have taken effect in New York, including a bill that we tracked and graded last year.

New Yorkers are now required to re-certify their pistol permits, a provision of the New York SAFE Act. Permits issued before Jan. 15, 2013, must be reapproved, that is, "recertfied" by New York State Police by Jan. 31. The prescribed penalty for not recertifying is permit revocation. There is no charge for recertifying.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) has made gun regulation in her state a priority for the upcoming legislative session, promoting a bill that would prohibit people convicted of stalking or domestic violence from purchasing firearms. When the bill is officially submitted, we will be tracking it.