NRA, Colorado Republicans Look to Legalize High Capacity Magazines

We're all familiar with the 2012 movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, where a gunman armed with a military-style assault weapon murdered 12 people and wounded 58. But what we may have forgotten was in the wake of that shooting, the state of Colorado did something about it. See, the reason that the shooter was able to cause so much carnage was that he was using 100-round magazines, and Democrats moved quickly, pushing through a law in 2013 to ban these high-capacity magazines. 

Republicans fought back, as outlined by the Colorado Independent:

Senate President John Morse, a Democrat, was ousted in an expensive recall election. Sen. Angela Giron, a Pueblo Democrat who voted for the new laws, also was recalled. A third Democratic senator, Evie Hudak, stepped down to avoid a recall fight, enabling a Democrat to replace her.
Morse, who was narrowly defeated, blames Democrats in Colorado and nationally for their timidity during and after the recall elections.
“Democrats are afraid of their own shadows,” he said. “To this day, Democrats don’t talk much about guns, even though thousands of people die needlessly each year, including a deputy in Douglas County. This is the Aurora shooting again, but without the same number of casualties. And the casualties were in blue.”

The deputy he's referring to is Zackari Parrish, who was killed in an ambush on New Year's Eve that wounded six of his fellow deputies. A high-capacity magazine was again used, this one legally purchased in neighboring Wyoming. So, what is the now-Republican-controlled Colorado Senate's response? They introduced SB 52, which would overturn the ban on high-capacity magazines. 

This is the pathology of the NRA and their enablers. They pay lip service to "Blue Lives" and yet they want to promote the spread of a device that was used to ambush and overwhelm law enforcement less than two weeks ago. Rather than investigate how to stop the import of magazines with no practical use (a Republican was even quoted dismissively saying "no gun guy is going to use a 100-round magazine), they cynically press forward with the only agenda they know: more guns or any kind, anywhere, for any reason.

Democrats control the Colorado House, so it is unlikely the ban will be overturned. Nonetheless, we will be grading this piece of legislation and are urging opposition