Eric Holguin for US Congress (TX-27)

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As we've mentioned in our previous endorsements, our guiding principle when it comes to targeting districts is "where is a change for the better most needed?" We don't choose districts based on competitiveness or start with the candidate and work backwards - to paraphrase The American President, we're believers in fighting the fights that need fighting.

One could argue that there aren't many districts more in need of a change in representation than Texas-27. We had it on our radar months ago because it's current Congressman, Blake Farenthold, had one of the most regressive records on firearms legislation during the 2017 Congressional session. He voting for Concealed Carry Reciprocity and sponsored not one, but two pieces of legislation to strip the District of Columbia of the ability to enact their own gun laws. Then, Farenthold made a bit more news when it was revealed he used $84,000 of taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment suit with his communications director.

With this as a backdrop,the voters of District 27 (the Gulf coast from Corpus Christi north through Matagorda County) will go to the polls next year to choose Farenthold's replacement. Open seats usually breed large fields, and with intensity already high among Democrats, the party will have four candidates to choose from in the March 6 primary. While we believe all of them would improve on Farenthold's record, we believe the party and the district will be best served by supporting Eric Holguin.

In our estimation, Holguin is the cleanest breath of fresh air in the race on either side. He has run for office before, as a college student at Texas A&M-Corpus Christie, but most of his involvement in politics has been behind the scenes, getting valuable experience working for a US Congresswoman and in the New York City Comptroller's office. He was born into a working class South Texas family, his father was a teacher and his mother a nurse. He's a product of, and a forceful advocate for, public education, having received his degree with the help of Pell grants, student loans, and hard work. 

His website is heavy with well-considered policy statements, covering a dozen issues including infrastructure modernization, jobs, healthcare (he's an advocate for single-payer), and promoting civil rights and youth engagement. While the website does not specifically mention gun policy, he responded to the Texas church shooting with an appropriate message via Facebook.


Republicans have a crowded field of their own, and while most pundits consider TX-27 to be safely red, we've seen time and again this year that now is the time for Democrats to compete places they haven't really tried to put in play before. We believe Eric Holguin can do that in Texas, and believe he is the best choice in the March 6 primary. We will continue to update both the primary and general election in our blog and on the TX-27 page