Legislative Roundup: 1/22/18

A compilation of newly graded legislation and procedural updates on bills we are currently tracking. In the interest of transparency, these are the bills we use to determine our legislative scorecards.


HB 2299Domestic violence offenders; firearms; seizure (support) - Entered into database; sponsorship graded as positive action

HCR 2001Firearm sales; transfers; background checks (support) - Read for second time in House

SB 1224 - Domestic violence offenders; firearms; seizure (support) - Read for second time in Senate


SB 459 Firearms: dealer inspections (support) - From committee: Do pass as amended. (Ayes 5. Noes 2.) - commitee vote entered into database


HB 621 - Provides exception to prohibition on possessing firearms & specified devices on school property for authorized concealed weapon & firearm licensees who are designated by school principals & district school superintendents (oppose) - Entered into database; Sponsorship graded as negative action; Hearing scheduled for 1/24/18 8:00 AM, Sumner Hall

SB 1048 Authorizing a church, a synagogue, or other religious institution to allow a concealed weapons or concealed firearms licensee to carry a firearm on the property of the church, synagogue, or religious institution for certain purposes, etc (oppose) - On Committee agenda-- Judiciary, 01/25/18, 10:00 am, 110 Senate Office Building


HB 210 - Amend KRS 237.115 to allow persons with valid concealed deadly weapons licenses or temporary permits to carry concealed weapons on public postsecondary property and in buildings controlled by state and local government (oppose) - Referred to House Judiciary Committee


SB 875Requires the reporting of firearms lost or stolen in the City of St. Louis (support) - Second Read and Referred S Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee


HB 4145Requires Department of State Police to notify United States Attorney for District of Oregon and all state and local law enforcement agencies and district attorneys with jurisdiction when, during criminal background check performed by gun dealer or at gun show prior to transfer of firearm, department determines that recipient is prohibited from possessing firearm (support) - Entered into database

SJM 201Urges Congress to enact legislation to define and regulate semiautomatic assault weapons and rapid fire enhancing accessories in same manner as fully automatic weapons, and to define and regulate partially completed firearms components and kits and firearms that are assembled from them (support) - Entered into database; sponsorship graded as positive action


HB 1602As introduced, enacts the "Second Amendment Civil Rights Act of 2018"; confers private right of action upon a person to challenge a government entity that refuses to make property available to third parties for Second Amendment activities when the property is made available for other activities; prohibits government entity from banning the possession of a handgun by a handgun permit holder on property owned or administered by the entity unless security officers inspect all persons entering the premises (oppose) - Entered into database; sponsorship graded as negative action


HB 1122 Protecting public safety through responsible storage of firearms (support) - Referred to Rules Committee, committee members and contact information HERE.

West Virginia

HB 4253The purpose of this bill is to authorize supervising entities to authorize ambulance crew members, firefighters, rescue squad members and emergency service personnel to carry firearms (oppose) - Entered into database; sponsorship graded as negative action