Indiana Republicans Seek Permitless Carry

The Indiana House Public Policy Committee is holding a hearing today on Indiana HB 1424 - a bill that would allow anyone in the state to carry a concealed firearm without needing a permit. 

Current law in Indiana required a person to get a permit before they carry a hidden weapon on themselves. It's literally the least that we can do to make sure that if we're going to have firearms in the hands of the citizenry - that they do the bare minimum to prove themselves responsible enough to do so. But his is not the goal of the NRA and their allies. 

Instead, as we've seen time and again, their goal is more guns in more hands in more places for fewer reasons. As expected, the national push for concealed carry reciprocity has led GOP-controlled states to participate in a race to the bottom, weakening and eliminating gun laws that they hope will then be codified as the law for every American. 

The Public Policy Committee is heavily tilted toward Republicans, who hold a 9-4 majority. We will be grading action on this legislation and are asking that local pro-regulation organizations and voters urge opposition from their representatives.