Kansas Democrats Submit Gun Control Legislation

The Kansas legislature didn't take action on enough gun-related legislation during the 2017 session for us to have felt comfortable releasing a scorecard, but the 2018 session is off to a good start. Two House Democrats have introduced important gun regulatory legislation ahead of the chamber's January 8 opening. House Bills 2442 by Vic Miller and 2443 by Boog Highberger would put two key restrictions on firearms in the state.

2442 is, to put it simply, a bump stock ban in the style of California's and Massachusetts' successful attempts to render the accessory used in the Las Vegas massacre illegal. While the NRA has paid lip service to the idea of curtailing their availability, they oppose the ban, as does the Kansas State Rifle Association.

2443, which Highberger insists is not in response to an incident in which his Republican colleague William Dove left a loaded gun in a committee room last year, would make it a misdemeanor to... leave a loaded firearm in a public place.

While the penalties for violating 2443 are, in our estimation, a bit low (it would be a Class C misdemeanor, the lowest type), we will be grading both of these pieces of legislation and are urging support.  

You can track these bills on their pages linked below. 

For more information, read Mary Clarkin's article in the Hutchinson News