A Look Ahead: West Virginia

West Virginia.png

So far, candidate filing periods for the 2018 elections have closed in two states - Illinois and Texas. We have identified legislators in those states that we feel comfortable saying are on our side when it comes to firearm regulation (our LEAPers), and identified districts where we think Americans who care about this issue could find challengers that would provide an improvement over regressive representation (listed here). We've also rolled out several endorsements in Democratic primaries in those districts in an effort to identify the best candidates to bring about that improvement. 

Next up is West Virginia, where candidate filing closes on January 27th. After completing our 2017 scorecards, we've identified 11 districts that we believe deserve attention based on votes and other actions taken on more than a dozen pieces of firearms-related legislation during the year. West Virginia's legislature had the worst aggregate score of any state we looked at in 2017, and not only do Democrats have work to do in defeating Republicans, but they also have a number of seats that we feel merit primary opposition.

Our list of targets are:

  • House District 15 (Geoff Foster - R)
  • House District 20 (Justin Marcum - D)
  • House District 22 (Jeff Eldridge - D)
  • House District 23 (Rodney Miller - D)
  • House District 24 (Rupert Phillips - I)
  • House District 25 (Tony Paynter - R)
  • House District 43 (Phil Isner - D)
  • House District 49 (Amy Summers - R)
  • House District 51 (Cindy Frich - R)
  • House District 55 (Isaac Sponaugle - D)
  • House District 63 (Michael Folk - R)
  • Senate District 12 (Mike Romany - D)

We'll be writing up these districts once filing closes, provided there are Democratic challengers for these seats.