Endorsement: Kevin Leineweber for Indiana House District 91

I've spoken about the sheer number, depth, and diversity of the Democratic slate of candidates for 2018 to the point of cliche on this site. With teachers and their students taking a central role in our national debate over the last few days, it is worth pointing out once again how many educators have become determined to have a voice in the political process and to bring their perspective to the national discourse.

One of these educators, Kevin Leineweber, is LEAP Forward's latest endorsed candidate.

Kevin is a teacher, a coach, and a school administrator raising his five children in Indiana's 91st district. A physics teacher, he is President of the Indiana Earth Science Teacher's Association and has centered his campaign on strengthening education and expanding public school options in the state. As a scientist with a Master's Degree in Geoscience, he is committed to working toward a clean energy future and protecting Indiana's natural resources. 

Of course, LEAP Forward's primary focus is on improving representation when it comes to gun laws, and on that topic, Leineweber had this to say:

I am not against hunting or people having guns, but I do not believe that the average person needs to regularly have a firearm with them. I am in favor of gun laws being reformed. I am in favor of very tough registration and ownership laws. A person should not be exempt from background checks when purchasing a firearm. As a foster to adopt parent and school teacher, I have had 7 background checks in the past 2 years, and I cannot imagine why purchasing a gun would have less strict requirements. Additionally, as an educator, I would like to see more education about firearm safety.

Leineweber would represent a dramatic improvement over the 91st district's current incumbent, Rep. Robert Behning, who has been a reliable vote for the NRA agenda in the Indiana House, voting five times for NRA-backed legislation on bills we graded during the 2017 session. 

Educators across America are finding their political voice. In the case of Kevin Leineweber, we hope Indiana listens. 

You can follow this race and find information on how to help Mr. Leineweber's campaign HERE.