Hawaii Advances 'Trigger Activator' Ban Over NRA Objection

In the days after Las Vegas (the mass shooting we mourned before the mass shooting we mourned before the most recent mass shooting), the National Rifle Association paid lip service to the idea that they may support the abolition of firearms accessories that essentially turn a semi-automatic firearm into an automatic. But every time a state has moved forward with legislation to do that, the organization has found a reason to oppose it.

In Hawaii, legislation by Gregg Takayama (D) would make it a felony to give, lend, or possess "any multiburst trigger activator" which the bill goes on to define as

 (1)  A device that simulates automatic gunfire by allowing standard function of a semiautomatic firearm with a static positioned trigger finger or a device that fires multiple shots with the pull and release of the trigger; or
     (2)  A manual or power-driven trigger activating device constructed and designed so that when attached to a semiautomatic firearm it simulates automatic gunfire.

The NRA is currently urging their members to oppose the legislation, but with large Democratic majorities, there's a good chance Hawaii gets this done. The legislation has passed out of the House Judiciary Committee 7-1 and goes before the Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce on February 21.

LEAP Forward will be grading action on this bill and are urging support