Marching Orders Blog: 2/23/18

An occasional update on LEAP Forward's endorsed candidates and tracked legislation


Marie Newman (IL-03): Ted Slowik of the Chicago Tribune recounts an intense candidate forum featuring LEAP Forward-endorsed Marie Newman and Democratic incumbent Dan Lipinski:

In a week when students nationwide walked out of schools and took to the streets to protest gun violence, 538 people packed a hall to hear two candidates running for Congress answer questions about their positions on issues.
I've been covering the Lipinski-Newman race since last summer. I've personally met with the candidates and have tried to fairly describe differences in their positions on issues.
In a nutshell, Lipinski is a conservative and Newman is a progressive. Lipinski is pro-life and Newman is pro-choice. Wednesday night, the candidates sparred over nuances on other issues, including same-sex marriage and LGBT rights.

Newman and Lipinski face off in a March 20 primary.

Fellow LEAP Foward endorsee Hiral Tipirneni (AZ-08) has a primary of her own coming up in just four days and she just received another (admittedly much larger) gun safety endorsement from Giffords:

“Strong women get things done, and Hiral is exactly the kind of strong woman Arizonans need representing them in Washington. From gun violence to healthcare, Dr. Tipirneni is a leader who is committed to putting the interests of Arizonans first. As gun violence continues to ravage communities – with schools, businesses, and places of worship being torn apart by mass shootings – Congress offers nothing but hollow ‘thoughts and prayers.’ But Hiral is offering solutions that will make Arizona communities safer. That’s why I’m enthusiastically endorsing her to represent my home state in the United States House of Representatives. The time has come for Americans to elect a new Congress with the courage to stand up to the gun lobby. Dr. Tipirneni is the candidate we need.”

Our newest endorsed candidate, Yatish Joshi, running against Congresswoman Jackie Walorski in Indiana, released the following video regarding gun safety:

Next door in Ohio, Tom Jackson of the Sandusky Register highlights the choice voters in House District 89 have between Republican incumbent Rep. Steve Arndt and our preferred candidate, Oak Harbor mayor Joe Helle:

Arndt was endorsed by the Buckeye Firearms Association in his 2016 campaign, which awarded Arndt an “A” for his stances. Arndt voted for bills in the 2016 session and the current session to ease regulations on concealed carry gun owners.
Helle said the private ownership of a “military-style weapon of war” should be banned and that Arndt was “absolutely irresponsible” for co-sponsoring and voting for a bill that reduces penalties for concealed carry gun owners.
House Bill 233, which Arndt co-sponsored, passed the House 64-31 with Arndt voting in favor. It awaits Senate action.