Tennessee: Three Firearms Bills Go Before House Subcommittees


The Tennessee House of Representatives will be holding hearings on firearms legislation in two different committees this week. The House Criminal Justice Subcommittee will be hearing HB 2393, a bill that would require a responsible gun owner to notify law enforcement if his or her gun has been stolen within five days of their knowledge of the theft. This reasonable legislation is being opposed by the National Rifle Association, who considers this "punishing the victim" of a crime.

In the House Civil Justice Subcommittee, hearings will be held on HB 2393 (a bump stock ban introduced by Democrat Dwayne Thompson) and HB 2485 (allowing the carrying of firearms in public, non-secured locations in an airport. 

HB 2393 by Rep. Larry Miller (D) - As introduced, creates Class A misdemeanor offense for owner of a firearm to fail to report to law enforcement within five days any knowledge or reasonable cause to believe the theft of the owner's firearm has occurred.

LEAP Forward will be scoring SUPPORT.

HB 1461 - by Rep. Dwayne Thompson (D) - As introduced, creates the Class E felony offense of purchasing, selling, possessing, or using a part, component, device, or attachment designed to accelerate the fire of a semi-automatic rifle and makes any semi-automatic rifle that includes an accelerated fire part, component, or device a prohibited weapon.

LEAP Forward will be scoring SUPPORT.

HB 2485 - by Rep. Andrew Holt (R) - As introduced, permits the carry of a handgun by certain persons in areas of airports that are accessible to the public and outside of a secured area; creates misdemeanor offenses for violations of permitted carry at airports; permits carry of a handgun by certain persons on public transportation; preempts local regulations and postings that conflict.

LEAP Forward will be scoring OPPOSITION.