Marching Orders Blog: 3/16/18

An occasional update on the candidates, lawmakers and the legislation LEAP Forward is tracking.


Let the good guys have guns. But make them jump through a few more hoops to show that they really are good guys.

That means background checks on every sale and transfer, gun safety courses, gun safety equipment like locks and insurance, and registering yourself (and your guns) as a certified good guy (with certified good-guy guns).
— Tabitha Isner

Tabitha Isner's entire op-ed on firearms can be read here. She is LEAP Forward's endorsed candidate in AL-02.

Nathan Ryan has penned a letter of support for Joseph Kopser (LEAP Forward endorsed in TX-21) in TribTalk.

Lane Siekman (LEAP Forward endorsed in IN-06) is holding a house party in Greendale on Thursday, April 5. 

Shawna Roberts (LEAP Forward endorsed in OH-06) will be participating in a Meet the Candidates event on St. Patrick's Day with a slate of other Democratic candidates in Ohio. 



Thank you to all the Democratic lawmakers who stood, marched with, and spoke to student activists during Wedneday's walkouts, including LEAPers Ben Cardin (MD) and Jamie Raskin


The Oklahoma House will be voting on HB 2951, so-called "Constitutional Carry" legislation that would allow anyone in the state to carry firearms without the need for a license. LEAP Forward is grading action on this legislation and is urging opposition.

Yesterday, the US House passed HR 4909NRA-supported legislation that would reauthorize the Secure Our Schools program to the tune of $50 million dollars a year for the next 10 years. I have decided that LEAP Forward will not be graded legislation, as the idea that this is a practical response to the gun violence epidemic in America generally, or to the Parkland shooting specifically, should not be legitimized. The legislation is fine, but it's not nearly enough.

Illinois continues to send gun safety legislation to the governor's desk, where again bills await an unknown fate. The Senate passed HB 1468, requiring a 72 hour waiting period on the purchase of semi automatic weapons and .50 caliber rifles. It goes to Gov. Rauner, who has not said if he would sign the legislation into law. Two other bills, HB 1465 and HB 1467 are headed back to the state House for concurrance. 1465 would bar anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing or possessing semi-automatic weapons or high capacity magazines, and 1467 would repeal firearm preemption laws and restore local control over firearms. LEAP Forward is grading all three pieces of legislation and are scoring support.