Marching Orders Blog: 3/17/18

An occasional update on the candidates, lawmakers and the legislation LEAP Forward is tracking.


Texas State Rep. Sylvia Garcia (LEAP Foward endorsed in TX-29) is poised to replace retiring Rep. Gene Green to represent the 77 percent-Latino district in the US House. Angela Ocampo, a Ph.D. candidate at UCLA has more on the broader context of this possibly historic occasion, for those interested in a good political science-y read.

Yatish Joshi (LEAP Forward endorsed in IN-02) has signed the US Term Limits pledge to serve no more than three terms in the House if he is elected. 


There is insufficient room in this newspaper to adequately remember all of the casualties from the gun violence that our nation has endured.

What should be heartening to us, however, is the determination and clarity that Cameron Kasky and young people across America are expressing in their challenge to their elected representatives, their governors and the President of the United States.
— Rep. Elijah Cummings

Rep. Ben Cardin met with Maryland high school students this week amid the student protests and school walkouts and engaged in a sometimes spirited debate over Congressional inaction on gun laws. 

 Rep. Steve Cohen joins students demanding a response to gun violence

Rep. Steve Cohen joins students demanding a response to gun violence


Wyoming's "Stand Your Ground" legislation (HB 168) will become law in the state after Gov. Matt Mead announced he would all it to take effect without his signature. The legislation expands the so-called "castle doctrine," which allows people the use of deadly force to protect their home, and expands it to - in the words of a local newspaper - "provide immunity from criminal prosecution in self-defense-style shootings in public settings." LEAP Forward graded action on this legislation in opposition.


Missouri's House is waiting to take up gun safety legislation to address the device that made the Las Vagas massacre possible. HB 1343 would make it a crime to knowlingly manufacture or sell bump stocks and is sponsored by Democratic Rep. Stacey Newman. Another billHB 1342, would make it illegal to sell a firearm or ammunition to anyone under the age of 21, is also in legislative limbo in the legislature. LEAP Forward is grading support of both of these bills.

There has been some movement on gun legislation in Maryland, where HB 819 was heard this week in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. The bill, which has 72 Democratic co-sponsors, would curtail the appeals process for someone denied handgun permits or permit renewal. LEAP Forward is grading support on this legislation.