Marching Orders Blog: 3/20/18

An occasional update on the candidates, lawmakers and the legislation LEAP Forward is tracking.


The Arizona-08 special election between Hiral Tipirneni (LEAP Forward endorsed) and Republican Debbie Lesko is profiled among the "five races that could change the political landscape" in The Guardian.   

Shawna Roberts (endorsed in OH-06) will be speaking at a meeting of the Columbiana County Democratic Party on March 27. 

While a lot of focus has been on who else is endorsing LEAP Forward's stable of candidates, it's also noteworthy when one of them endorses another, and Sylvia Garcia (LEAP Forward endorsed in TX-29) has thrown her support in the Texas Governor's race to Lupe Valdez. Valdez faces Andrew White in a runoff on May 22. 

I believe, support and defend the 2nd Amendment, but we should also be doing more to make certain that only law-abiding, stable people can purchase weapons.” I belong to several organizations that promote hunting and believe there are many responsible gun owners. However, I believe arming teachers may lead to more tragedy, since they already have so much responsibility.” “Our politicians should focus on actions to protect our children and that starts with changing the status quo in the legislature and finding common ground on sensible reforms, while still upholding the principles of the 2nd Amendment.

— Mary Popovich


Wyoming HB 168 became law yesterday as Gov. Matt Mead chose not to veto the legislation that takes the "castle doctrine" - the right to defend yourself in your home - and applies it to everywhere you're legally permitted to be. 

Republicans used their Senate majority in Colorado to kill one piece of gun regulation legislation in committee and advance a repeal of another. SB 51, a prohibition on a device used to accelerate the rate of fire on semi-automatic firearms, died in committee on a 3-2 vote. Meanwhile, a repeal of the state ban on high-capacity magazines (SB 52) advanced by the same vote and will be taken up by the full Senate.