Louisiana Senate Moving Forward on Three Gun Bills

This week, the Louisiana Senate could take votes on as many as three pieces of firearms-related legislation that LEAP Forward is tracking and will be grading. 

The first, SB 231, may see a vote on passage before the full Senate. Sponsored by Sen. Jean-Paul Morrell (D), the legislation would require a licensed firearms dealer to report a failed background check through the NICS system to the parish Sheriff within 24 hours or face a penalty. This would ensure that an attempted gun purchase by someone who shouldn't have one is brought to the attention of authorities. A final vote is scheduled for Monday, and LEAP Forward is grading support for this legislation.

On the other side of the coin, I am grading opposition to two pieces of legislation that are set to be voted on in the Judiciary B and C committees on Monday. Both are sponsored by Republican Neil Riser and both involve putting more guns in the hands of more people in more places. Specifically, SB 402 would allow concealed carry volunteers to provide armed security in churches, and SB 406 would do the same for schools. Members of Judiciary B and their contact information can be found HERE, Judiciary C HERE