Marching Orders Blog: 3/27/18

An occasional update on the candidates, lawmakers and the legislation LEAP Forward is tracking.


RIck Foulke (LEAP Forward endorsed in North Carolina HD-68) is teasing an internal poll that shows his campaign within single digits of his incumbent opponent. Other tidbits the campaign is leaking is high voter enthusiasm among African Americans and women, and 32% of voters saying they want to vote for someone new compared to 12% who would definitely vote to reelect the Republican. The full results will be released later today.



Sen. Ben Cardin (100% score from LEAP Forward) gave a radio interview to WCBC about the shooting at Great Mills and the need for stricter gun regulation that can be heard HERE.

Seven legislators (including Rep. David Price) have written a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan urging a full repeal of the Dickey Amendment. The amendment bars federal funding of research into gun violence. 

Now it’s time to turn breakthrough protest into breakthrough legislation. We know government can ban the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, institute a universal criminal and mental background check, require frequent unannounced inspection of gun dealers and enact other common-sense safety reforms.
We know that because we did it in Maryland in 2013 after the Sandy Hook massacre, and when the “pro-gun” extremists sued, they lost in U.S. District Court, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.
— Rep. Jamie Raskin


Tennessee HB 1602, the so-called "Second Amendment Civil Rights Act of 2018" is being taken up in the House Civil Justice Committee. The bill would force government entities to make public property available for "Second Amendment activities" and prohibits those entities from banning handguns from the property unless security officers inspect everyone entering the property. LEAP Forward is grading action on this bill and urging opposition.

The Hawaii Senate Judiciary Committee is hearing two pieces of legislation that would request the state's Congressional delegation vote against the national Concealed Carry Reciprocity legislation. SCR 9 and SR 7, both introduced by Stanley Chang expresses the will of the state of Hawaii to determine its own laws when it comes to concealed carry of firearms.