Marching Orders: 3/30/18

An occasional update on the candidates, lawmakers and the legislation LEAP Forward is tracking.


Emergency room physician Dr. Hiral Tipirneni (AZ-08) is now less than a month away from her April 24 special election to replace Trent Franks, and has picked up the endorsement of the Indian-American Impact Fund, a group that seeks to promote candidates committed to advocating for the needs of the Indian-American community. 


Democrats have not contested Georgia's 179th House District in eight years, but that changed when public educator and LEAPer Julie Jordan filed to run against incumbent Republican Don Hogan. During his first term Hogan voted for Georgia's campus carry legislation and an NRA-backed omnibus bill that contained reciprocity language. Wes Wolfe of The Brunswick News has the local view of the race.

North Carolina

Social media and the nationalization of news has changed a lot about what matters and what doesn't to a political campaign, but one thing that holds true is that Letters to the Editor are still effective. At the risk of undermining my own work, the best endorsements remain the ones you get from your neighbors, and Dr. Kyle Horton (NC-07) got a good one today in Wilmington Star-News. You can read it HERE


The people that are shooting and killing should have never been handed guns. This is a domino effect. Nobody should have a gun that hunts humans. I do believe in the second amendment, but I do not believe that you should be allowed to walk around with a military type weapon.
— Tarah Probst (Pennsylvania SD-40)


LEAPer and public advocate Kendall Scudder (Texas SD-02) will be holding a Texas Values Tour event in Commerce on April 5.