Marching Orders: 4/3/18

An occasional update on the candidates, lawmakers and the legislation LEAP Forward is tracking.


Several national news outlets are engaging in the usual Democratic primary concern-trolling over some perceived "split" in the party with panic-inducing headlines like Democratic Party United on Liberal Policies but Divided on How to Win or "D is for Divided." The bad news is that these almost always amount to little more than clickbait, but organizations like the Washington Post and AP roll with them anyway. The good news is they get some national eyes on competitive races Democrats can win, in this case the race for IN-02, where LEAP Foward has endorsed Yatish Joshi in the Democratic primary.

Mark Kurkowski (LEAP Forward endorsed in Indiana SD-01) debated his opponent, Democratic incumbent Frank Mrvan. You can listen to the debate HERE


I hope my colleagues across the aisle do not kowtow to the gun lobby and think about the rights of the gun owner, who also wants to go to the concert, who also wants to go to church, and think about the public safety issue of it
— Jacky Rosen



Melissa Shusterman (Pennsylvania HD-157) gets the Sister District Project workup, which includes a summary of her positions on issues besides gun safety as well as a brief summary of her race.  

Daryl Boling (Pennsylvania HD-152) has an op-ed in the Doylestown Intelligencer entirely about gun safety and elected officials' response (or lack thereof) to the demands of the Parkland students and the March for Our Lives. His well considered, detailed, and comprehensive accounting of his ideas on the topic are exactly the reason LEAP Foward is happy to endorse his candidacy, and we hope everyone will read it in its entirety. 

The bottom line is this: the rights of individuals to live free from fear that friends, husbands, wives, sons or daughters might be the next victim of senseless gun violence should be paramount. No court has ever held that assault weapons belong in civilian hands and legislators shouldn’t discount this by talking circles around the issue.
— Daryl Boling


Republicans are increasingly panicked about TX-22, where Blake Farenthold's resignation has been compounded by a very real primary fight on the GOP side between a hand-picked establishment candidate and an insurgent he can't quite seem to put away. The Texas Tribune has a story on the race, where LEAP Forward has endorsed Eric Holguin on the Democratic side.