Kathleen Williams (MT-AL) Distinguishes Herself on Assault Weapons


There are three Democratic candidates in the Montana at-large congressional race that are viable contenders to take on Rep. Greg Gianforte in November's election. While I commend both Grant Kier and John Heenan for addressing America's gun epidemic on social media and the campaign trail, LEAP Forward has endorsed former State Rep. Kathleen Williams in the statewide June 5 primary.

The Helena Independent Record recently pinned the candidates down when it comes to the topic of assault weapons, and Williams separated herself from her opponents:

Among the contenders in this race, Grant Kier, of Missoula, and John Heenan, of Billings, see a need to address the mass shootings that have become near-monthly tragedies. However both stop short of limiting assault-style weapons. Bozeman’s Kathleen Williams disagrees, arguing that a limiting use on semiautomatic assault-style weapons is a small price for keeping public school children safe.

While Kier and Heenan would both be vastly superior to Gianforte when it comes to national gun policy, Williams' willingness to take an unequivocal stand on weapons of war is a distinguishing factor for gun safety voters to consider in the primary. Williams told the paper:

I know I’ve talked to people who own those guns, and if it comes to their ability to own those guns, versus keeping kids safe in school, they are OK with those being not on the streets. And what we advocated for is they’re be used in controlled environments, like machine guns are today. And that’s resonating.