LEAPer Lisa Ring Advances to General Election

Tuesday was another good night for women, for Democrats, and for LEAP Forward-endorsed candidates, and those groups overlapped in Georgia's 1st District, where Lisa Ring earned a well-deserved win in her primary with 69 percent of the vote. She'll now face incumbent Republican Buddy Carter in November. 


Ring is a former corrections officer and military spouse from Richmond Hill who says she was initially advised not to address the issue of gun violence because of the strength of the pro-gun lobby. Like a lot of candidates, though, she realized that "the amount of gun violence in our nation is staggering and we must confront it head on."

Ring advocates for repealing the Dickey rule to allow the CDC to study gun violence, universal background checks, training requirements for gun owners, and banning high capacity magazines. 

The first district of Georgia runs from Savannah south to the Florida border and extends inland to include all or parts of 17 counties. Ring showed her broad base of support Tuesday night, carrying 14 counties (one was too close to call as of this writing). Carter first won his seat in 2014 and was unopposed in 2016, a point Ring brought up in April in an interview with the Brunswick News:

“We live in a state and a district where incumbents run unopposed, and our legislators tell their constituents that their needs don’t matter,” Ring said. “I plan to change that. I want a representative in Washington who reflects the voice of the people of the 1st District and meets our needs. I decided to be the change I wanted to see.”

Carter is a consistent supporter of the NRA, earning a 93% on the group's most recent scorecard. He voted to allow concealed weapons in automobiles while a member of the Georgia state senate, and supported Concealed Carry Reciprocity in the US House last year. Ring's progressive approach to gun safety is supported by a majority of Americans, and her voice would be a welcome one in Washington. I'm excited to support her candidacy, and look forward to following her campaign through the summer.