Legislative Update: 5/4/18

An occasional update on legislation LEAP Forward is including on legislative scorecards.



HB 1436 - a bipartisan bill co-sponsored by Alec Garnett (D) and Cole Wist (R), the legislation is a "red flag" bill that would create an extreme risk protection order allowing family members and law enforcement to have an individual's guns removed from their possession if they are a danger to themselves or others. Quinnipiac has found that this type of legislation enjoys 89% support among the American public. LEAP Forward is grading support for this legislation. 

The bill passed the House Judiciary Committee 7-4.


HB 357 - sponsored by Rep. Denise Marcelle (D). The bill prohibits a person convicted of a hate crime from possessing a firearm or carrying a concealed weapon. Passed the House in April with bipartisan support, 67-26 and is currently in committee in the State Senate. LEAP Forward is grading support.

HB 602 - legislation promoted by the NRA and sponsored by Republicans Blake Miguez in the House and Neil Riser in the Senate. The bill would allow teachers, school employees, and administrators to carry a concealed firearm into any school, on any school campus, or aboard any bus.  LEAP Forward graded opposition on the legislation, and support for Amendments by Rep. Denise Marcelle (that would have exempted East Baton Rouge Parish), Rep. Edward James (that would put participation up to a vote in each Parish), and Rep. Barbara Norton (that would have exempted Caddo Parish). 

The state House rejected the amendments and passed the bill 59-37.

SB 231 - Democrat Jean-Paul Morrell's legislation would require licensed firearm dealers to report a background check failure to the parish Sheriff within 24 hours of the denial. A somewhat watered down version of the bill passed the Senate 29-5 last month, and has been scheduled for a floor debate in the House on May 9th. Despite the amendments, LEAP Foward is grading support for this legislation. 


SB 1212 - The Oklahoma legislature has passed so-called this so-called "constitutional carry" bill, and it is on its way to Gov. Mary Fallin's desk. Sponsored by 31 Republicans and 1 Democrat, the bill originally passed the Senate unanimously (with 4 abstentions) and the Senate concurred with House amendments on May 2 on a 33-9 vote.  LEAP Forward graded opposition to this legislation, and my updated state legislative report card can be seen HERE.