Diane Mitsch Bush for US Congress, CO-03

In 2013, following the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary and in response to the Aurora theater shooting, the Colorado legislature passed a number of pieces of legislation aimed at tightening the state's gun laws. Ammunition clips holding more than 15 rounds were banned. Universal background checks were instituted, and buyers were mandated to pay the fee*.

These are, now, incredibly popular provisions. Latest numbers indicate that almost two-thirds of Americans support restricting magazine size, and 83% support universal background checks. But in the wake of the legislature's actions in 2013, four Democrats who voted in favor of these bills had recall petitions filed against them. Two - including Senate President John Morse - were successfully removed from office and replaced with Republicans. It was a tough vote, but it was the right one.

One of the Democrats who took that vote in 2013 is Diane Mitsch Bush, who is running this year for the US Congress in Colorado's 3rd district. 

When gun safety voters cast their ballot for a first-time candidate, they are doing so hopeful that the ground they stake out during their campaign will be the ground they walk when they are in office. But Diane has already walked the walk. She wasn't assigned an F by the NRA based on her answers to a questionnaire, she earned it during her time in the legislature. It's for that same reason that she's earned LEAP Forward's endorsement in the June 26 Democratic primary.

While there's no doubt any of the three candidates in the race would be an improvement over incumbent Rep. Scott Tipton (who worked just as hard to earn his A rating as Bush worked for her F), I believe that candidates who consistently support gun safety in deeds as well as words, especially when they know it could literally cost them their jobs, deserve to be rewarded. In Diane Mitsch Bush's case, this reward should be a seat in the United States Congress.


*Clarification - While Rep. Bush voted for the main provisions of the gun safety package in 2013, she did vote against HB 1228, the bill that mandated buyers pay the fee for their background checks. I apologize for any confusion.