Marching Orders: 5/4/18

An occasional update on LEAP Forward's stable of endorsed candidates.



Tabitha Isner (LEAP Forward endorsed in AL-02) was featured in a recent Talk Media News piece about the abundance of women running for office in 2018:

“I have thought throughout my life that maybe someday I’ll be a public servant in that way,” Isner said, “but we as women tend to wait, tend to think that we should be more qualified than we are, that maybe in ten years we’ll have the qualifications, the resume that we think we need to do the work.”
Isner is running for Alabama’s second district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. In the June 5 primary, she will face off against another Democratic female candidate, Audri Scott Williams.
“The women’s march was a time when a lot of us said, “Screw that, we can’t wait, justice can’t wait, the right thing can’t wait until we feel ready and qualified,’ ” Isner said. “It needs to happen now.”

Isner faces one opponent in Alabama's June 5 primary, with the winner advancing to November's general election against likely GOP nominee, Rep. Martha Roby. 


The Holland Sentinel has a lengthy feature on one of LEAP Forward's newest endorsed candidates, Jeanette Schipper, who recently launched her campaign for Michigan's 30th Senate District. 

“I am a mother, I am a woman, I am an advocate and I am a fierce fighter for justice,” Schipper said. “I will be advocating for you, your families and your children. I will advocate for your jobs, your healthcare and any other issue.

Schipper, a mental health advocate, is unopposed on the Democratic side, and will face the winner of a potentially damaging four-way Republican primary (and a Libertarian candidate) in November. 

North Carolina

In an e-mail to supporters, LEAPer Wiley Nickel (SD-16) announced an eye-popping first quarter fundraising haul of $215,000 and holds $133,000 cash on hand as of April 21. This is roughly a 10:1 advantage over his Democratic primary opponent.

Nickel stated, “I’m running because it’s time to bring progressive leadership to the General Assembly. It’s time to invest in our public schools, enact independent redistricting, expand access to affordable healthcare, implement common sense gun safety reform and protect our natural environment.” Nickel continued, “Our message builds on my experience working in pursuit of progressive solutions for the White House, under President Barack Obama and Vice President Al Gore. I’m proud to see that we’re receiving such widespread support from voters across our district.”

Nickel is a former staffer in the Obama White House from Cary, NC, who is running in a newly created district against a relatively unknown Democratic primary opponent. The winner will face Republican State Senator Paul Smith in November.