Marching Orders: 5/8/18

An occasional update on local and national news about LEAP Forward's endorsed candidates.



One of LEAP Forward's newest endorsed candidates, Josh Harder (CA-10), received two endorsements in the Modesto Bee highlighting his work ethic, volunteerism, business background, and - in a theme that's playing out in local races throughout the country - his attentiveness to constituents. They can be read HERE and HERE.

Randy Shaw has a piece in BeyondChron handicapping the 15th District Race, and it's bullish on LEAPer Buffy Wicks:

As voting starts in the hotly-contested East Bay D15 Assembly race (covering El Cerrito, Richmond, Berkeley, and parts of Oakland), Buffy Wicks appears to be leading the field. Wickes has raised the most money, has the largest grassroots field campaign, and has the best mail pieces. She also has the most prominent endorsements (Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom among them).
Wicks has brought her community organizing background to the Assembly race, and has held over 130 house meetings. Her national connections to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean are boosting her support.

California's top-two primary in on June 5. 

North Carolina


It's primary day in my former home state, and one of the races I'll be keeping an eye on tonight involves LEAPer Ginger Garner (SD-02). She, too, got an endorsement in the local New Bern Sun Journal, from constituent Cheryl Sharp:

There are many reasons why I am excited about Ginger’s candidacy but the most important is this: I think she will beat Norm Sanderson in November.
I am asking you to vote in the Democratic primary for Ginger Garner. Early voting turnout has been very low. Our votes can make the difference. It’s important that every one of us who opposes the recent actions of the North Carolina legislature vote in this primary election. Ginger’s opponent in the primary has run twice before, never gaining more than 33 percent of the vote against Sanderson. I know Ginger will do much better than that because she’s capable, passionate about the issues, and the breath of fresh air we need on our ballot in November to draw out women and young people to vote in this off-year election.

Unfortunately, Cheryl's point about early voting - particularly in SE North Carolina - is a good one. The Wilmington (NC) Star News is reporting weaker than usual early voting in the region, that could impact other endorsed candidate, Leslie Cohen:

The 2018 midterm primary election got off to a whisper heading into Election Day, as fewer people cast ballots during early voting than they did in 2014.
A total of 12,147 votes were cast during the April 19 through May 5 early voting period in New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender counties.
The number of early voters made up 3.9 percent of registered voters in the three-county region, according to county boards of elections figures. Statewide, roughly 293,000 votes were cast during the early voting period, or about 4.24 percent of registered voters.