"Texas This Week: Chris Bell, Candidate for U.S. Senate"

Goudeau: With the mass shootings that happened in Texas, two in one month, 29 people killed. What do you suggest we do about guns?

Bell: “Now, there’s another issue where John Cornyn’s absolutely on the wrong side, not wanting to talk about background checks or universal background checks. Not wanting to support red flag laws. I support both. But I also support a ban and buyback program. I think it makes the most sense and I think that it would need to be mandatory for people to have an allotted amount of time to turn in their guns and be compensated for those weapons of war, that they bought lawfully. And so, I do think they’re entitled to compensation. It will be expensive, but I think it will be money well spent. And that’s the only way we’re going to be able to start getting those assault weapons off the streets.”

Goudeau: But there’s a large population of folks who would say it’s unrealistic to think people are going to give up their guns willingly and if there are “bad guys” out there who have the guns, I need to have a gun as equally powerful to combat.

Bell: “Yes, but if they’re in possession of them then they would be breaking the law and you’re in a position then to confiscate those weapons. We’ve had laws against certain weapons for a long time in the United States and here in the State of Texas. And people have been caught violating those laws and punished for violating those laws. And once people realize folks are going to be subject to punishment, that’s probably going to serve as an incentive for people to turn the guns over. And you know, we have a lot of hunters here in the state of Texas and a lot of them are friends of mine, and all of them tell me they don’t need assault weapons in order to go hunting. In fact, it goes against the very nature of hunting to use an assault weapon and so basically those assault weapons are only out there mainly to kill people – that’s what they were designed to do, and that’s what they’ve been doing, and we need to put a stop to it.”
— Ashley Goudeau, KVUE

"Meet Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, a Texas candidate for U.S. Senate"

When it comes to gun control, Tzintzún Ramirez said she was the best shot in her family growing up and supports protecting the second amendment, but she said she also supports mandatory gun buybacks.

“I’ve been waiting my entire adult life to see Congress do very basic things like pass universal background checks, banning assault style weapons and instead we’ve been teaching a generation of young people to play dead in their classrooms,” Tzintzún Ramirez said.
— Madison Carroll, KXAN

Tanner Do (TX-03), "Responsible Gun Ownership"

I am a US Army Veteran who is dedicated to the protection of the rights enshrined in our Constitution through the Second Amendment.

I understand and respect firearms and believe in sensible and reasonable gun safety ownership measures that protect the general population from rampant and mass gun violence as we witnessed recently in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Many House legislations have been shelved in the Senate because Senator Mitch McConnell does not believe gun owners should follow stringent background checks before buying a gun. He also does not believe in banning assault weapons (AR), a weapon that is responsible for most of the mass shooting deaths in America (Columbine, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Miami, El Paso, and Dayton). Blaming mass shootings on mental illness and video games are excuses the Republican party utilized to deflect the issue.

Extreme rhetoric by the White House, Republican congress, and President Trump himself have incited these hateful mass killings and we Americans know it but won’t say it. There are no fine people when it comes to racism and white supremacist ideologies. The Republicans and the NRA have colluded and conspired to aid and abet the killings of innocent Americans, and it is time that we put an end to it by voting them out and support people who will do something to rectify it once and for all. No, the solution is not to take guns away from gun owners.

The solution is to vet and allow only responsible Americans to own guns. No more assault weapons!
— https://www.tannerdo2020.com/issues/gun-ownership/

Cristina Ramirez (TX-Sen), Assault Weapons

Chris Bell (TX-Sen), Assault Weapons

Ray Lenzi (IL-12), "Gun Violence Prevention"

Public sentiment is firmly behind gun control measures to reduce gun deaths and gun violence on the streets of our country. There have been nearly 600,000 gun deaths in America since the previous Assault Weapons Ban expired in 2004. It is past time to act on gun violence, therefore “We the People” support universal background checks, “red flag” laws and a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Our current rate of gun violence and death is unacceptable and these measures along with targeted mental health intervention will significantly reduce gun violence and begin to get this public health epidemic under control.
— https://lenziforcongress.org/issues/

John Blair (NM-03), "Meet John Blair, the gay Democrat running for Congress in New Mexico"

John Blair (NM-03), "Meet John Blair, the gay Democrat running for Congress in New Mexico"

John Blair, a Democratic congressional candidate for New Mexico’s third district, is running for Congress to take on the Trump Administration, as well as the Republicans who support it.

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Mark Gosnell (MD-07), "Gun Control"

I will be working to establish rational gun control that translates into less crime on the streets and better training and equipment for our police officers. I am in favor of universal background checks and banning assault weapons. I am interested in whether controls on ammunition sales and content can be made without infringing on the second amendment.
— https://electgosnell.com/

Kimberly Walker (FL-12), "Gun Safety"

Gun violence has plagued the United States for far too long. This year there has been 9,152 deaths from guns and 257 mass shootings. A majority of Americans want common sense gun reform. If elected I will:

Ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons. Assault weapons like the AR-15 are weapons of war. While in the military I used the M16, that weapon was derived from the AR-15.

Background checks for everyone, especially private sells to ensure potential gun owners aren’t on the National Database.

Police substations in schools. (Let police come, set up substations where they can sit and write reports while maintaining a constant presence in our schools

Mandatory gun safety classes for first time buyers.

Retailers selling firearms to customers across state lines should adhere to the laws where the buyer resides.

Extending the 3 day waiting period for law enforcement officers to sufficiently perform background checks.

Fund CDC research on gun violence.
— https://kimberlyforcongress.com/issues/gun-safety/

Jeannine Lee Lake (IN-06), "Reasonable Gun Laws"

In order to protect the citizens of Indiana, I support common-sense gun laws. 94% of people support universal background checks. Therefore, firearms can be kept out of the hands of those who may be a danger to themselves or others. I also support the current red flag law in Indiana and would hope to see it expanded throughout the country. Giving officers the right to temporarily take a firearm from someone in a high stress situation would quickly de-escalate domestic violence incidents and prevent suicides. Taking these measures would help protect all citizens from violence.
— https://jeannineleelakeforcongress.com/issues/safe-schools/

Janessa Goldbeck (CA-53), "I won't accept the status quo"

A few days ago I had the opportunity to stand before my hometown’s city council and speak in support of a safe firearms storage ordinance. This is a common-sense measure that requires firearms to be disabled by a trigger lock or stored in a locked container unless they are being carried or otherwise controlled by the owner. It’s designed to keep firearms out of the hands of kids or people who shouldn’t have access to them.

Too many children die or are injured playing with guns in America. On average each year nearly 1,300 children are killed and 5,790 wounded by weapons, mostly in their own homes.

The majority of Americans agree that something must be done. But the NRA has viciously fought ordinances like these, bought off politicians in Washington, and immobilized Congress.

That’s unacceptable — I won’t accept the status quo.

The NRA is currently a tax-exempt organization, which means it’s supposed to operate in the public interest. But we know the NRA works almost exclusively to make the gun industry rich — all at the expense of our safety and freedom from gun violence.

Today marks one year since the horrific shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh by an anti-Semitic, white supremacist armed with a weapon of war. In April of this year, just 20 miles north of San Diego, a gunman armed with an AR-15 style rifle fire shots into the Chabad of Poway synagogue, killing a woman and injuring three others.

And Congress has done nothing. Nothing.

I’m a gun owner. I support the Second Amendment and I know that guns are critical tools of our military. But our current gun laws are failing — they are not sufficiently protecting Americans and their communities.

The IRS should do a thorough investigation into the NRA. If the IRS can prove that the NRA is abusing its tax-exempt status to help churn profits for the gun industry — then the NRA’s tax-exempt status should be immediately revoked.

America can balance the Second Amendment with sensible gun laws. Solving the epidemic of gun violence requires a comprehensive approach that begins with universal background checks — just like the common-sense safe firearm storage ordinance that San Diego has already adopted and my hometown unanimously approved a few nights ago.

It’s on all of us to make this epidemic of gun violence something for our history books, not in our schools, movie theaters and places of worship.
— Janessa Goldbeck

Margaret Good (FL-16), "Florida State Rep. Margaret Good announces legislation to increase background checks for all firearm purchases"

Margaret Good (FL-16), "Florida State Rep. Margaret Good announces legislation to increase background checks for all firearm purchases"

SARASOTA - Florida State Representative Margaret Good announced her plan to file a bill that would increase background checks for all gun purchases in Florida Thursday afternoon.

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Jim Vandermaas (ID-Sen), "2nd Amendment"

“Every person has the right to feel and be safe from gun violence, in their community, and especially in our children’s schools.

99% of gun owners handle ownership responsibly, and know that there are some people who they would never trust with a firearm. Those who commit murder, mass shootings, the killing of our families and friends with firearms are the ones destroying people’s lives, making us feel unsafe, should never have access to firearms.

Responsible gun owners understand that these criminals are giving all gun owners a bad name, and if this is allowed to continue, responsible gun ownership could be at risk.

Comprehensive Universal Background Checks actually protect responsible gun owner’s right to ownership, while also while helping to identify and keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those that may do us harm.

Comprehensive Universal Background Checks actually identify who the good guys are, and make it easier to identify those who should not have a firearm. We will never be able to stop all gun violence as there is no single or simple cure or solution, but identifying and rewarding those responsible gun owners that do everything right will go a long way to keeping guns out of the hands of those who should not ever have a firearm.”
— Jim Vandermaas

Joshua Cameron (UT-01), "Guns"

I am a combat veteran. I have been trained with combat weapons. When I was in the Army, I NEVER, not once, ever, was I able to walk around with my combat rifle in garrison, just because. It was locked up in a secure arms room, and only signed out when I was going to train, or going to war. Never any other time.

When I was done with training or war, it went right back to where it was supposed to be, in a locked arms room. The idea that we let non trained civilians walk around with combat weapons, is insane to me. Combat weapons belong in combat, and no other place. I get that they are fun. I had a blast shooting my weapons, but it is more important to me that people are safe, than I have fun.

1. We need to ban the sales of combat weapons to civilians. Civilians don’t belong in combat, nor do combat weapons belong in garrison.

2. Anyone who gets a concealed carry permit needs to qualify with that weapon. The last thing we need is Jonny Bravo whipping out a weapon he/she is not familiar with, and shoot an innocent bystander instead of the perpetrator.

3. How are we going to pay for this? We need to legalize and regulate marijuana sales, and use the tax proceeds the same way Colorado and Nevada do, by using it for education. I also want to ear mark funds for hunting rifle and hand gun marksmanship. The most dangerous thing for a weapon holder to wield, is ignorance. So I plan to rob you of your ignorance, teach to you respect a weapon, teach you trigger discipline, and if you have to fire your weapon, teach you to limit collateral damage by training.

4. I am not here to take your guns that you feel make you safe. I am here to have reasonable conversations on how we can exercise our love for guns in a way which doesn’t make people unsafe. The problem with our culture now is that law abiding citizens amass weapons of war, then decide they no longer want to be law abiding. They didn’t get the weapons as an illegal actor, but a legal one. I need your help, the community help, people who value and don’t value guns, both, to help input (not scream) their ideas on how we fix or at least ameliorate the current system we have.
— https://www.joshuaforchange.com/issues/

Heidi Sloan (TX-25), "Issues"

Gun violence and freedom from fear

We should be free from fear in our homes, our schools, our workplaces, our places of worship, and our communities. With the number of mass shootings on the rise both nationally and in our own state, fear of gun violence has become a barrier to this freedom. However, guns are deeply ingrained in American culture. They have a place in the lives of many Americans, who may enjoy deer hunting or need to protect cattle herds from predators. No matter how people may personally feel about guns, there is no practical way to remove all guns from our current society, and even the best attempt would not heal the many other harms that working-class people face. But we can address the root causes of gun violence, which are deeply connected to many other issues at the core of this campaign: poverty, trauma, and corporate greed.

Take on gun manufacturers

Corporate profits should not come before the safety of our community. For too long, gun manufacturers have fought for the right to flood our streets with military grade weapons marketed as consumer goods. Because of extensive lobbying by the NRA, gun manufacturers – unique from almost any other industry – have not had to face consequences when the products they create are used to harm people. I support the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act to give victims’ families another avenue for seeking justice. I also support taxing firearm industry profits, just like alcohol and tobacco sales, to fund public safety and community programs.

Voluntary federal gun buyback program

With over 300 million guns in this country, there are many people who have guns who might no longer want them, without a safe and secure way of disposing them where they can ensure that these guns will be destroyed and not fall into someone else’s hands. Voluntary gun buyback programs already exist, but many are administered by police departments and do not destroy the weapons they remove. I support a federally funded buyback program, administered by the Department of Health and Human Services, that will fairly compensate those who wish to voluntarily give up their guns, and ensure that all guns given to this program are made inoperable.

Social Workers as First Responders

Two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides. One way to address these gun deaths is to ensure that our emergency services are staffed with social workers and mental health professionals who are trained in de-escalation. People need to feel safe reaching out for help when they are experiencing suicidal thoughts. Under our current system, people may fear calling 911 and being involuntarily committed, which can be a highly traumatic experience that prevents them from seeking help. People with untreated mental illness are 16 times more likely to be killed by police, providing additional evidence that mental health first responders are direly needed and will save lives. Further, undocumented immigrants who experience mental health crises can call 911 for help and find themselves funneled into deportation proceedings by police. We must ensure that vulnerable community members who need help with mental health issues are met with help, not incarceration or violence.

Having social workers and trained mental health professionals as first responders for domestic disputes will ensure that warning signs for escalating violence are not dismissed. Given rates of police violence are much higher when they are interacting with a person who is Black or disabled, we must consider the importance of these proposals as they relate to more marginalized communities. For these reasons, we must exchange a police response with one that brings healthcare professionals and social workers into situations where people need their help.

Disarm Domestic Abusers

The presence of a gun in the home can take a distressing and traumatic situation and make it lethal. People experiencing domestic abuse are five times more likely to be murdered if their abuser has access to a firearm. Preventing their partners from accessing guns will protect those trapped in abusive situations. I propose that when 911 calls are made relating to domestic violence, all firearms are temporarily removed from the home while the individuals involved are connected with counseling services.

Similar programs have shown remarkable success in lowering the rates of death by domestic violence. We need to believe survivors, and I support listening to advocacy groups when addressing this issue, because domestic abuse is one of the most underreported crimes and victims’ needs are often not taken seriously.

Finally, convicted domestic abusers should have their right to gun ownership permanently revoked. These measures will allow more victims of domestic abuse to live to see the day they call themselves survivors instead.

Federal subsidies for safe gun storage

We know that some people will never want to give up their guns, and many folks might have good reasons for having them. In any case, homes with guns that aren’t locked up face the constant threat of a gun falling into the wrong hands and being used fatally. We can keep families safe by making sure that gun owners can store their firearms safely, both to prevent tragic accidents and to place an obstacle in front of bad actors. I support subsidies to make sure that everyone can have a locked gun safe to keep their firearms, if they choose to have them.

Ban on sale of assault weapons & require universal background checks

Many people may own rifles for hunting, trap shooting, or to protect their livestock, but there’s no reasonable cause for automatic assault rifles to be available to the public. I support a ban on the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, to stop gun manufacturers from profiting from the sale of these guns to the general populace. Additionally, even non-automatic firearms may be used to harm people when they fall into the wrong hands. We must fight for universal background checks as a common sense gun reform to prevent people with histories of violent behavior from having legal access to guns.