Eric Hanke (TX-31), "Gun Safety"

While I support every citizen’s constitutional right to reasonably and responsibly own a gun, that is not what is being allowed to happen in American today.

Our leaders are operating with their heads in the sand, fearful of losing the political spending of gun manufacturers on behalf of their campaigns, or worse, having it turned against them. Our churches, schools, concerts, and other public settings are under constant threat of terror due to gun violence while Congress expresses little more than thoughts and prayers. I am a person of faith and I pray, but that is not enough to prevent the next mass shooting.

So what do we do? I believe in sensible gun legislation that would expand background checks and close loopholes to ensure only law-abiding Americans can purchase guns. Furthermore, I support reinstating the assault weapons ban and implementing a voluntary buy-back program to get the excessive amount of these weapons off our streets.

There are more provisions being proposed that I am intrigued by but want to learn more about, and will continue to update these pages as I have conversations with folks in TX-31.