Tom Wells (FL-03), "Gun Control"

I hear candidates speaking to crowds saying “No one is trying to take away your guns”

Well I am.

Banning assault weapons – of course. But handguns kill far more people. So if you want to have a license to own a handgun, let’s start you off with the 132 hours of training that the Florida legislature voted to require for teachers to have a gun in school.

You should be around my children, or yours, with less training?

As to the 2nd Amendment, I’m fine with the 2nd Amendment . And the whole Constitution. Specifically
the Constitution makes the Supreme Court the final judge of what is Constitutional. And the Supreme Court has accepted as Constitutional Maryland’s gun control law – which is consistent with the restrictions I posited above.

I’ve had civilians, police officers, and my Congressman Ted Yoho tell me what they think the 2nd says. They but parrot NRA’s greatest bloody hits.

And no Ted Yoho, the NRA is not doing great things.
You can say it. But it don’t make it true.

Abolish Stand Your Ground

Murder has always been Illegal. SYG makes Murder both Legal and Convenient You Doubt That? There is now Much less criminal risk in Murdering an unarmed person than in firing a warning shot. It is a Shoot to Kill Law. It is an abomination. And it is how ‘our’ police are trained.

It is (part of) the New Jim Crow. The application of SYG has been profoundly Racist.
— Tom Wells