Diana Bray (CO-Sen) Issue Statement

While some states are already taking strides in passing common sense gun safety laws, we need to address the gun violence problem at the federal level. Half of the states with waiting periods have a 10 day or longer waiting period, and all of the states with waiting periods have seen significant reductions in gun-related deaths. Here’s what I’m advocating for:

Federal Universal Background Checks

Closing the Gun Show Loophole for private-party gun purchases

Federally mandated safety and maintenance training certification and licensure

Federally mandated Ten Day Waiting Period

Institute Federal Red Flag Laws

Rescind the Dickey Amendment which prevents the CDC from engaging in gun specific research and gun law advocacy

Prevent gun sales to individuals who are convicted of domestic abuse or stalking

Federally ban weapon modifications that make semi-automatic firearms into fully-automatic firearms

Regulate the production and distribution of ghost guns

Ban military-grade assault weapons
— https://dianaforcolorado.com/issues