Rachel Kinsey (GA-11) Issue Statement

Firearms have been a cornerstone of our nation’s freedoms since our constitution was ratified in 1788. Firearms are an essential component of protecting ourselves, our families, and our businesses. Every time the tragedy of gun violence robs a family of a parent or child, it serves as a cruel reminder that some of our citizens should not be able to purchase guns due to a lack of respect for the awesome responsibility required to be a sensible gun owner.

After all of the horrific shootings from Parkland, to Sandy Hook, to Las Vegas, and others, we still have not acted to restrict gun sales to people who lack the mental capacity to act with the utmost respect for the safety of others. Responsible people should be allowed to purchase guns that suit their needs for self-defense and sportsmanship. No gun owner need fear that we are trying to take away their constitutional right to bear arms.

A sensible gun policy would benefit gun owners by weeding out those who are unfit for gun ownership. No longer would responsible gun owners be lumped together with those who do not share their respect and care for others’ well-being. The vast majority of gun owners want universal background checks so as to minimize the likelihood that a gun falls into the wrong hands and sullies the good name of responsible gun owners. In addition, banning bump stocks, raising the legal age to purchase firearms to 21, and banning high-capacity magazines and assault rifles that are designed for the maximum killing of humans during a war would benefit gun owners while respecting their right to self-defense and sporting.
— https://kinsey4congress.com/issues/