Ian Todd (MN-06) Issue Statement

We need to implement universal background checks because they work. The vast majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens who just love to hunt or are concerned with protecting themselves. There’s no reason background checks can’t be done like TSA pre-checks with simple review processes done like obtaining a new fishing or hunting license (it could be done at the same time, in fact). To provide further ease to this system, we need to allow electronic registration of firearms. All firearms are required to be registered already, but for some ungodly reason, it has to be done by paper. We need to usher the industry into the new century, like everything else.

Finally, we must also repeal the Dickey Amendment. Gun violence must be researched in order to combat this problem. Even Dickey himself regretted the amendment and recognized the importance of gun violence research.
— https://www.iantoddforcongress.com/theissues