Katy Geppert (MO-03) Issue Statement

Did you know that Blaine Luetkemeyer has received aid from the NRA to the tune of almost $40,000.001? While he has gladly accepted their money, people’s lives are being negatively impacted by gun violence all over our country. I will demand legislation to repeal the Dickey Amendment in order to open the door for the CDC to conduct more comprehensive studies of gun violence. I will also work for legislation that requires universal background checks and prohibits the sale of high capacity magazines.

This is a problem that we, as a society, can solve if we all come to the table.

Our schools and churches should be places where we can all feel safe, but they have become a primary target of those who seek to use gun violence to terrorize our communities. Real reform is achievable if we work together to reduce gun violence, suicides, and mass shootings in our communities.
— https://katygeppertforcongress.com/issues/