John Walsh (CO-Sen), "Democratic hopeful wants to voice Colorado’s issues on the Senate floor"

As U.S. Attorney, Walsh recalled being on the scene after the Aurora Theater shooting in 2012, and then three years later, at the site of the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs.

“This is an issue that we can’t ignore,” he said. “We really shouldn’t have ignored it at the federal level just seven years ago.”

Walsh said there are “common sense” measures that can help lessen the gun violence crisis in this country. Universal background checks and magazine round limit are just a couple ways to stop mass shootings, he added.

But, Walsh countered, new safety laws will not alone solve the problem of gun violence in America. He believes there needs to be a comprehensive, national anti-violence strategy, similar to the work he did to reduce violence in Colorado as U.S. Attorney.
— Andrew Kiser, Montrose Press