Dary Rezvani (CA-22) Facebook Post

I have been silent about the recent shootings for a couple of reasons. The main reason being, I was still trying to comprehend the magnitude of these attacks. If you are American then you are no stranger to gun violence. I have seen multiple posts about being “numb” and I have to say, I am. While I was with PwC I woke up on two separate occasions to firm-wide emails notifying us of colleagues’ deaths. One being Bo Jean who was shot inside of his own apartment by an off duty police officer and another being a victim of the New Zealand Mosque attacks. A couple years ago one of the mechanics at my shop was walking with his cousin at night and was shot at multiple times, none hit him but they did hit his cousin who did not live past that night. Gun violence isn’t some statistical anomaly, it’s what happens when there is a massive gap in common-sense gun legislation. The reason I feel helpless is that it has to be attacks of this magnitude that finally capture national attention and restart the conversation only for this conversation to be muted within a week or two once outrage subsides. Remember how you felt this weekend and revisit that anger every time you are just too tired or just don’t feel like helping with voter registration or voter outreach. These things can be changed but it takes a collective effort.
— Dary Rezvani