Anita Malick (AZ-06) Statement on the El Paso Shooting

Today, my husband and I took our soon-to-be kindergarten student shopping for school supplies.

We went to a big box store. It was packed with families partaking in the same end-of-summer ritual.

At the very same time, in El Paso, there was terror.

We are heartbroken now, just hours later, wondering how many families in El Paso were just back-to-school shopping like us when a gunman opened fired in a Walmart killing at least 19 people and wounding dozens more.

No place is safe. Every day there is fear. Just this week: Gilroy, Southaven and more. Children are dying in America because of hate and greed.

Yes, hate, fueled by politicians looking to win elections, is taking lives.


This is not our America. We must remain diligent. We can never grow numb to this. We must DEMAND action NOW.

Please post about this, call and write your representatives. Use your voice.

Demand a Senate vote on #HR8
Demand an Assault Weapons Ban
Demand #GunSense and accountability now.

If they take #NRA money, call them out and vote them OUT.
It they are quiet about racism, call them out. They are complicit.

I am heartbroken with you, we must find hope in action.
— Anita Malick