Chris Eagle (FL-04) Facebook Post

We are deeply saddened by the Horrific Mass Killings that happened in El Paso & Dayton. However, we have felt this way over 17 times just this year! The good news is we can fix the rise in Mass Shootings and start to fix other issues that we have.

Key Areas of Focus:

#1. Mental Evaluations & Treatment
We need to place the same priority on Mental Health that we do for Physical. Starting between the ages of 4-6 we take our children to get vaccinated. In addition, we to include mental health screening and treatment. If we work on identifying mental health issues early we can start treatment and hopefully prevention.

#2. Education
Racism and Hate in any form can be traced back to education. Our sources of information come from our Family, Friends, Teachers, Spiritual Leaders, Politicians, etc... Starting at home we need to “Stop” teaching racism and hate. Future & Present generations need to value diversity and not fear difference.

#3. Laws, Policies, and Regulations
We need to drive national change that addresses any material or weapon that can be used for massive killings. Here are a few of the changes I will support:

- Any and all “Semi or Automatic” weapons are only for military use and illegal for civilians. This will include modifications to a weapon increase the amount of firings.

- Any and all “Bomb Making” materials are only for military and agricultural use. The training & licensing structure will
need to change for certain materials: Fertilizer, Chemicals, Explosive Powders.

- Mandatory Background Checks & after Decades Fixing The Gun Show Loophole!

I believe in the hope for America. We come from all walks of life with our own stories to form a more perfect union. The values that bring us together are greater than the political talking points that tear us apart. Join me, and with some effort, we can make a country that works for all its people.

Let’s Bring America Together!