Kim Daugherty (VA-05), "Another Shooting"

Shocked, heartbroken, despondent – those were just some of the feelings I had after learning about the terrorist attack in El Paso yesterday. Then, I woke up this morning to news of another shooting in Dayton, Ohio, with nine more lives stolen, as of last reporting, and I am angry.

I am angry at the do-nothing attitude of gun-rights leaders and elected officials in this country. I am angry at the tired lines we have heard over and over again attempting to shift focus away from the casual manner in which we permit gun transactions to take place in this country. I am angry that we have a President, and Representatives in Congress supporting him, that spews hate-filled rhetoric activating domestic terrorists like the one we saw in El Paso and have seen elsewhere across this country.

Do not forget for one moment that just 26 days ago Virginia Republicans refused to even discuss gun violence after the deadly attack in Virginia Beach.

If you’re as angry as I am about the lack of response to gun violence, if you’re as heartbroken as I am for the souls lost and the families touched by gun violence, if you love your family as fiercely as I love mine, then you will act.

We have a slate of fantastic Democratic nominees running for the Virginia legislature falling in legislative districts within the 5th who will do the work to combat gun violence and domestic terrorism. Many of them are running against Republican incumbents who refused to even discuss gun violence in June. I’m canvassing for one of them today - Dr. Elizabeth Alcorn. We need you to donate to their campaigns and to sign up to volunteer to canvass. Do these things like your families lives depend on it – because they do.

Finally, we have a real opportunity to send Riggleman and his NRA rating home in 2020 but we’ve got to put in the work in 2019 in order to win. Let’s do this together.
— Kim Daugherty