Nancy Goroff (NY-01), "This Can't Continue"

I am heartbroken by the two mass shootings this weekend in El Paso and Dayton that have left nearly 30 dead and dozens more wounded.

I’m angry at the lack of action by politicians afraid of the NRA. They have allowed weapons of war to wreak havoc in schools, movie theaters, shopping centers, music festivals, and other public places that should be safe.

To reduce gun violence, we need to do three things immediately:

Institute universal background checks for all gun purchases
Ban high capacity magazines
Reinstate the assault weapons ban
We need to hold accountable our elected officials who have had the opportunity for years to pass common-sense laws like these, but have chosen not to. And my opponent, Lee Zeldin, is one of these failed leaders.

Zeldin has voted against every piece of gun safety legislation in Congress. He even voted to allow people with concealed carry permits in other states to carry their weapons in New York state.

Sadly, his voting record isn’t a surprise, because he’s taken tens of thousands of dollars from the NRA.

It’s time to tell Lee Zeldin that enough is enough. Thursday evening, I will join other concerned citizens to protest outside his office in Patchogue, calling out his shameful record on gun violence.

The only way we’re going to make change is through tireless grassroots action. We’re up against powerful interests with deep pockets, and we need to speak with one powerful voice to defeat them.

I know that we can solve this epidemic that has destroyed too many communities. And I will work to make that happen.
— Nancy Goroff