Wilmot Collins (MT-Sen), "Endless gun violence cannot be our new normal"

In the wake of this weekend’s unimaginable tragedies, my heart aches for El Paso and Dayton.

But we all know that the standard responses from our leaders are doing nothing for the inevitable future victims of mass shootings. We must come together and fight gun violence.

I lived through gun violence in the Liberian Civil War and would not wish that pain on anybody. I watched family members fall and I know that parents shouldn’t fear a shooting when they send their kids to school. Weekend shoppers shouldn’t have to be afraid of being gunned down in a Walmart. No one should be scared of being shot while going to the movies or attending a concert. We cannot let this become our new normal. We must act.

While Steve Daines refuses to take action to end gun violence and refuses to apologize for condoning President Trump’s hateful and divisive rhetoric, I am not afraid to take on this fight. I will do everything I can to help keep families in Montana and across the nation safe from harm.
— Wilmot Collins