Rick Kennedy (TX-17), "Universal Background Checks"

There is no issue that better exemplifies the stranglehold that special interests have on Congress than that of universal background checks on firearms purchases. Upwards of 90% of all Americans, including 80% of Republican voters, support universal background checks.

On February 27th, the House passed the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019. Despite the word “bipartisan” in the title, my opponent, Bill Flores, and 187 other Republicans voted against it. The bill is now blocked in the Senate.

It is unclear to me why anybody would vote against legislation that would promote public safety, without preventing any person who has the legal right to purchase firearms, and has the overwhelming support of American people. What is clear is that the voice of the people is no longer heard in the halls of Congress.

There are no simple answers to the epidemic of gun violence in our country. Universal background checks is only one of many small steps we can take to start to address a problem that will take many years to solve. But let me be clear - it is a step that I, as your Congressman, would fully support.
— Rick Kennedy