Theresa Tomlinson (GA-Sen), "Democrats aren’t supposed to run like this"

You’ve heard it countless times.

“Democrats aren’t supposed to talk about gun laws in a state like Georgia.”

We’re a state that elected a governor in 2018 after he ran a TV ad of himself loading a shotgun that he aimed at a young man.

We’re also a state that is horrified by the daily gun violence and mass shootings that tear through our communities and leave lives lost and grief in their wake.

I’m calling for a federal assault weapons ban because I want to save lives at our schools, movie theaters, football games and houses of worship.

Mitch McConnell and his gang of bullies have already spent money here in Georgia calling me names. Well, what I’m calling for is the common sense to get weapons of war off of our streets.

Colt just announced they’re halting production of AR-15s for civilian use and Walmart is ending ammunition sales for handguns and military-style weapons. But the only way we can pass new laws is by winning this Senate election first.
— Theresa Tomlinson