Cristina Ramirez (TX-Sen) News Clipping

Activist Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez said she would work with grass-roots groups like March for Our Lives and Moms Demand Action to bring to break the gridlock in Washington, noting that the American people were behind various gun control proposals.

She said the fight against gun violence was the No. 1 issue of her campaign, noting that her 2-year-old son is at risk.

”The most harrowing place I will ever take him is his kindergarten classroom,” she said.

”These policies are not controversial,” Tzintzun Ramirez said of universal background checks and a ban on weapons of war. “We do not have elected officials that are willing to enact the will of the majority of Americans. If we do not have elected officials that are willing to actually represent the will of the American people, then we elect people that do.”
— Gromer Jeffers, Jr., 'Here's what the Democrats hoping to unseat Sen. John Cornyn said at a Frisco forum'