Clint Koble (NV-02), News Clipping

Koble has recently taken on Amodei on the issue of gun safety, an especially sensitive topic in a district where every county except for Washoe County voted for President Donald Trump in 2016. Koble held a gun safety town hall Thursday at Swill Coffee and Wine in Reno, just four days after the mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio and five days after El Paso, Texas’s mass shooting.

“Our Congressman Mark Amodei voted against the bipartisan universal background check act of 2019. He not only voted against us, but he voted against some members of his own party,” said Koble. “If he’s not going to have town halls on this tough subject, I’ll have a darn bunch more of them.”

At the town hall, attended by a group of about 20-30 mostly older attendees, Koble shared a list of 21 ideas to increase gun safety, including an assault weapon buy-back program, combating extremism by identifying groups, and funding studies by the CDC to identify what causes mass shootings.
— Taylor Avery, Nevada Independent

Lorena Garcia (CO-Sen) Issue Statement

One of our nation’s greatest threats to our public health is gun violence leading to the most common cause of death for young men. 22,000 lives are taken by guns every year. We must take swift action to curb gun violence by implementing data-driven gun safety regulations.

Repeal the Dickey Amendment and encourage and fund gun violence research and solution implementation

Require licensure and education on handling guns

Address root causes including bullying, mental health, and poverty

Universal background checks for EVERY gun sale

Federal buy back program for all military grade guns