John Biggan (TX-24), "Guns"

I support the constitutional right of citizens to keep and bear arms for personal protection and hunting. However, we have the highest rate of gun violence of any first-world nation, by a landslide. We must have sensible protections.

UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS: Universal background checks are an excellent method of reducing gun violence. Moreover, they can be implemented in a way that minimizes the burden on responsible gun owners, while maintaining their effectiveness, thus keeping guns out of the hands of individuals who would use them to harm others.

While we are on the subject of background checks, they are only as good as the information in the background check system. The incomplete data in the NICS system makes background checks less useful. We can start by ensuring that complete data is entered.

MENTAL HEALTH: I support increasing access to mental health services, especially for men and veterans, who are significantly less likely to utilize such services but make up the vast majority of gun-related suicides. We need to ensure they get help before they hurt anyone.

RESEARCH: As a scientist, I know that research can help us understand a problem and give us options to address it. What leads to gun violence is poorly understood in the US because of a regulation that effectively prohibits the CDC from studying gun deaths. We need to get rid of this regulation and allow the CDC to study this issue, just like we study every other issue.