Teresa Tomlinson (GA-Sen), "Gun Violence Prevention"

AS THE NEXT UNITED STATES SENATOR FROM GEORGIA, I will support federal legislation designed to reduce and prevent gun violence and save lives, and, yet respect the rights of law abiding, responsible gun owners. While we may not eliminate all gun violence, these three policies have broad consensus and have been proven to save lives.

These should be acted upon immediately—and there are current legislative proposals that should be expedited by Congress and sent to the President for signature without delay:

• Background Checks on All Gun Sales: Establish universal background checks requiring purchasers to pass a
background check before acquiring a firearm from any seller, unless the weapon is a gift from a close family
member. This must include sales at gun shows and private gun sales. (HR 8 is currently pending Senate

• Extreme Risk Protection Orders (or “red flag” laws): Gives families and law enforcement the ability to
temporarily limit a person’s access to firearms when they are shown to pose an extreme risk to themselves
or others. (HR 3076, sponsored by Georgia’s own Congresswoman Lucy McBath, is pending House action.)

• Assault Weapons Ban: Permanently ban the sale or transfer of assault weapons and large-capacity
ammunition magazines. This ban would include mass carnage accessories like Triggercranks or bump stocks
and would be coupled with a public/private partnership sponsored voluntary buyback initiatives.

In addition, I support legislation to accomplish the following objectives:

Closing the Charleston Loophole: End the 3-day default on background checks for the transfer of a gun so
that no gun may be transferred without a completed FBI background check. Fund FBI resources so that
background checks can be completed in a timely manner.

• Closing the “Boyfriend Loophole”: Current law prohibits spouses convicted of a felony or misdemeanor
domestic assault from legally obtaining guns, yet there is a glaring loophole at the federal level and in many
states that allows assaultive partners in certain relationships short of marriage to obtain guns legally. The
House has amended the Violence Against Women Act to close this loophole. The Senate should pass this
legislation immediately.

• No Fly, No Buy: Block suspected terrorists who are on federal “no fly” lists from purchasing guns. Known
terrorists have no right to access such weapons.

• Mental Health Restrictions and Screening: Impose federal restrictions on gun ownership by individuals who
suffer from serious mental health conditions and who pose a threat to themselves or others, and increase
funding for the treatment of mental illness as a disease, and not as a crime, so that the condition does not
escalate to the point of harm.

• Responsible Gun Owner Requirement: All new transfers require gun owners be licensed and permitted.

• Lift Limitations on ATF/Law Enforcement: The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and other law
enforcement agencies should be allowed to collect and organize searchable data regarding guns sales,
offenders and other such information to assist in identifying abuses, preventing gun trafficking and solving

• Repeal Bad Law: Repeal the so-called “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act,” which grants immunity
to the gun manufacturers who profit from the production of negligently created or inherently dangerous

• Domestic Terrorism Prevention: Provide funding for federal law enforcement agencies to combat domestic
terrorism and restrict gun ownership by people convicted of terrorism or hate crimes.

• Gun Violence and Public Safety: Provide funding to the Centers for Disease Control, the Justice Department
and the Department of Health and Human Resources for the study of gun violence as a public safety issue
and provide funding for evidence-based gun violence intervention programs.
— Teresa Tomlinson