Steve Woodsmall (NC-11) Tweet

Erica Smith (NC-Sen) Issue Statement

In my first 100 days as North Carolina’s next U.S. Senator – I commit to file and advance common sense gun control legislation that includes the following provisions:

1. Universal background checks, including components of existing federal proposals with 10-day waiting period for responses;

2. A ban on assault rifles and bump stocks;

3. Closing gun show / retail to owner transfers / owner to owner transfers;

4. Red flag limitations providing access for loved ones and family members to petition to remove firearms from gun owners during periods of incapacitation;

5. Increased funding and resources for a public service campaign for all public buildings, including schools and universities, to advance awareness and embodiment of the Sandy Hook Promise program;

6. Resources and public safety programs for increasing manpower, surveillance/intelligence on domestic terrorism including increased cybercrime monitoring, tracking of manifestos, white nationalist organizations and their members; and

7. Criminal justice reforms as it relates to prosecution and sentencing of domestic terrorists and serial killers. This reform should ensure that punishment is commensurate with the crime by including capital punishment in sentencing discussions.

When we have had more mass shootings than days in the year, everything must be on the table for discussion. I am done with inaction. I am not waiting for another shooting before demanding that the NCGA leadership debate and calendar votes for House Bill 86 and Senate Bill 565. I am further writing Senator Burr and my opponent, Senator Tillis, to call for a Chamber vote on HR 8 and HR 1112.

We have to act. Children are dying and the tears of mothers are met with inaction and political gamesmanship by Thom Tillis, Mitch McConnell and the like. I will work to make this country safer and you will always know where I stand as your U.S. Senator.

Rodney Walker (NC-08) Facebook Post

You mix hatred with unfettered access to guns in the wrong person - and you get incidents like the massacre in El Paso. And not even 24 hours later, 9 fall to gun violence in Ohio.

We can respect 2nd Amendment civil liberties while making it harder for Americans with intent to cause mass causality to seize a weapon they shouldn’t have. Im committed to finding a way. But it also involves proponents of gun rights to be part of the solution here.

How many more of these do we need to witness as a country before our leaders arrive at the same conclusion that sensible gun violence policy needs to be passed?

Gina Collias (NC-10) Issue Statement

The Republican Party refuses to enact common sense gun reforms, that a majority of gun owners support, because they are dependent on the NRA for money. I support universal background checks and closing the gun show loopholes. This isn’t about taking away the rights of responsible, law-abiding gun owners. This is about making our country safer and preventing additional mass shootings.

I am a gun owner, and I believe in the importance of the 2nd Amendment and the right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms. No matter what, it’s time for our leaders to listen to our real fears, not about losing our guns, but getting news that our child has been shot. Enough is enough. I will work hard to ensure the safety of our children.

As a mom, I am guided by my moral compass, and I will not accept any funding from the NRA. We need passage of common sense gun laws. We need national discussions on what will work including higher age requirements for purchase, robust mental health, universal background checks that are coordinated between federal and state agencies, and funding for CDC research into the causes of gun violence.

I will not be bullied by a gun lobby at the expense of our kids. I will represent you.

David Wilson Brown (NC-10) Issue Statement

The Second Amendment provides the right to bear arms, but some are quick to dismiss the “well-regulated” part. We need common sense gun regulation that enforces current law and adds further safeguards to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Recent polls show 94% of Americans are in favor of background checks for all gun purchases. This needs to happen immediately. The gun show loophole must be closed. We need to encourage responsible gun ownership that comes with safety training. There must be a way that responsible gun owners can continue to own and use their weapons while still maintaining reasonable control on the dissemination of firearms to those who should not have them.

Cal Cunningham (NC-Sen) Issue Statement

Governor Roy Cooper named Cal as Vice Chairman of the Governor’s Crime Commission, where he has been leading efforts to address school gun violence, curb the opioid addiction crisis, and fund services for women and families affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. He has also served as a Trustee of Davidson County Community College and as an ex officio member of the UNC Board of Trustees.