Skylar Hurwitz (PA-01), "Common Sense Gun Safety"

Domestic gun violence has killed more Americans than terrorism in the past 20 years. Respecting our 2nd Amendment while protecting our schools and public spaces can be accomplished through smart regulations. Consider that countries like Switzerland have 4 guns per person and in an average year, no mass shootings. There are lessons we can learn on how to improve American gun policy. Our campaign is committed to protecting your legal right to bare arms while removing weapons of war from American streets. We will fight for common sense solutions including universal background checks, required training hours for new gun owners so that everyone with a gun knows how to use it safely, closing the gun show loophole, expanding access to mental health services, and instituting a federal buy-back program targeting automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines. Together, we can make our schools and communities safer while preserving the heritage of Bucks and Montgomery county hunters.

Judi Reiss (PA-01), "Public Safety"

We cannot continue to allow the profound reality that in our country, if we go to the store, or to church, or to school, at any given moment we could be victims of senseless violence. We can find common ground on what the Second Amendment guarantees law-abiding citizens and save lives at the same time.

There are common-sense measures that we can enact now to keep our communities safe. They are:

Eliminate the ability for civilians to purchase military-style weapons.

Restrict the sale of high-capacity magazines.

Expand and strengthen our background checks systems and close the gun-show loophole.

Enact reg flag laws and extreme risk protection orders to protect unstable individuals from harming themselves or others.

Demand safe storage for firearms.

Thomas Brier (PA-10) Issue Statement

No American should ever walk into work, school, or a place of worship and fear being shot. At long last, it is time to end the epidemic of gun violence.

As your representative in Congress, I will promote and defend reasonable gun safety measures, including: reinstating the assault weapons ban, closing the gun show loophole, imposing restrictions on high-capacity firearm magazines, and implementing a universal background check system.

The Second Amendment deserves our respect. Let us show our respect by taking immediate action to end the tragedy of gun violence.

Debbie Wachspress (PA-01) Issue Statement

Gun manufacturers have been calling the shots for far too long in this country. Something is seriously wrong when kids have to fear going to school because of the risk of getting shot sitting in a classroom. Americans do not suffer with greater mental health issues than those in other developed nations but our levels of gun violence are out of control. Deb will fight to save lives without violating the Second Amendment. She will fight for universal background checks on all gun purchases. She supports outlawing weapons that are designed to fire large rounds of ammunition without having to reload purely for the purpose of maximizing body counts in the shortest period of time. These weapons capable of causing mass destruction such as the tragedy we witnessed in Las Vegas have no place on our streets pointed at innocent people and our police officers.